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Transparency is one of the values ​​and principles that govern the practice of SCL LIVESTOCKS OF EL HIERRO, We have a structure and mechanisms that promote transparency, participation and feedback.

The steering committee, is responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance with the Law 12/2014, of 26 from December, transparency and access to public information.

To request information, Members of the organization can request it through the entity's official email administracion@cooperativaganaderos.com, indicating the associated person, and in person at the organization's HEADQUARTERS located on Carretera El Majano 38915 Valverde (The iron). Being able to complain to the transparency commissioner, non-access to it.





SCL GANADEROS DE EL HIERRO has created a section called Transparency Portal on its website.

Publicity and access to information related to the entity is given, its organizational structure and managers, In addition to publishing the subsidies received and the contracts with the Public Administrations.

At the email address administracion@cooperativaganaderos.com breaches of accessibility requirements may be reported, access difficulties, ask questions or suggest improvements. These actions can also be carried out over the phone. 922 550 327 or by going directly to our offices.


If, once a request for accessible information or complaint has been made,, this would have been dismissed, did not agree with the decision made, or the answer did not meet the due requirements, the person concerned may initiate a claim to know and oppose the reasons for the rejection, urge the adoption of appropriate measures in the event of disagreement with the decision adopted, o State the reasons why it is considered that the response does not meet the requirements.

Likewise, a claim may be initiated in the event that the period of twenty business days has elapsed without having obtained a response.. The claim may be sent to the same email address to which the initial request or complaint was sent., but in the text of the same it must be expressly indicated that said claim is addressed to the Management of SCL Ganaderos De El Hierro. The Management must respond to the person concerned within a maximum period of two months.

The course of said period may be suspended in the event that the interested party must be required to, within ten business days, formulate the necessary clarifications for the correct processing of the claim. After said period has elapsed without the interested party having made the appropriate clarifications, The processing of the claim will continue..

After the maximum period for resolving the claim has elapsed without notification of its resolution, it will be understood that the claim has been dismissed.


According to the article 5 of the Bylaws of the Limited Livestock Cooperative Society of El Hierro, The corporate purpose of the Cooperative will be the general purposes indicated for agricultural Cooperatives in the General Law of Cooperatives, and especially the following:

  1. – Cattle farm, sheep and goats.
  2. – Production, transformation, distribution, transport and sale in domestic and foreign markets of dairy products, carne, and honey derived from the Cooperative or its partners, in their natural state or previously processed, setting up the necessary auxiliary and complementary facilities for this purpose.
  3. – Acquire for your partners, fertilizers, plants, seeds, animals, will appear, agricultural machinery and other auxiliary elements, production and agricultural and livestock development.
  4. – Comprar, build or project, all kinds of works that are used to lend in common to the partners, services related to or derived from livestock, agriculture and, definitely, those of the agricultural cooperatives.
  5. – Collaborate with the other Cooperatives and Associative Entities to improve the prices of acquisition or sale of the products necessary for the agricultural exploitations and those that they produce, being able to form an integral part of those that are constituted or are constituted for these purposes.
  6. – Any other activity that is complementary, derivatives, necessary or desirable to facilitate economic improvement, technician, labor, social and human of its partners and workers, that constituted the main motive of its founders.

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