El Herreno cheeses



Our manufacturing process

At Quesos El Herreño we strive to offer you the best in terms of cheese making.. Our cheeses are recognized for their quality and flavor. Either cured cheese, semi-cured cheese, soft cheeses or fresh cheeses, We always offer you top quality products.

The process of making our cheeses begins with the daily milking of our goats., sheep and cows, making sure the milk is in perfect condition. Posteriorly, the milk is taken to our transformation center in El Majano, where it is tested and pasteurized to ensure its quality.

once pasteurized, milk is used to make different types of cheese, from soft and tender to cured and smoked. The elaboration process includes the curdling and cutting of the milk, whey extraction and mold filling. Then, the mass is pressed to compact it and expel the remaining whey.

After, the cheese is immersed in brine to protect it and give it its characteristic crust. Finally, the cheese is matured in our chambers for different periods of time, depending on the type of cheese being made.

At Quesos El Herreño we are committed to quality and customer satisfaction. That is why we work every day to offer you the best in terms of cheese making..


Legal name: Herreno cheese.

Designation and trademark: herreno.


  • Fresco: White and Smoked
  • Tender: White and Smoked
  • semi-cured: natural, paprika and paraffin
  • cured: natural, paprika and paraffin
  • Others: melted cheese and grated cheese

It is a cheese made from a mixture of pasteurized goat's milk, cow and sheep, with a ratio of one 85 % in goat's milk, and 10 % in cow's milk and a 5 % in sheep. Besides, is composed of authorized additives: sal, calcium chloride, lactic ferments and enzymatic rennet with a certain temperature.

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